Our Services

We love to build technology products

We've built products for startups and well-established companies of all sizes. We've noticed that when you build a product, you'll likely want to build a team around it. We can help with that too!

It's Contract-to-Hire, evolved

We find you developers that fit with your culture, your technology stack, and your hiring goals, and then we mentor them through the first 2-3 months of working with your team.

Because we have expertise in technology and have worked on real engineering teams ourselves, we help fill in any gaps in knowledge that the developer needs to address before becoming a permanent member of your team.

Is a member of your team struggling? We can help you find out why

Before you let a developer go, which can hurt morale and can cost a lot to backfill, we help you find the root cause. Then, if mentoring is needed to improve performance, we can help with that, too.

We know technology, hiring, and mentoring developers, so we are uniquely equipped to make sure fallouts don't happen and to keep your team intact, and successful. Although you already have a great team, we can help make it better. We provide training to help senior members of your team grow into better mentors, and better leaders.